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Social Networks Conquering the Internet

by CHWatch on October 13, 2011

Healthcare Goes Social

Social media has come a long way, baby. What started as a way for teens to engage one another online may now see our housebound or hospitalized elders giving us updates on their health.

Early Social Media

Social networking began as a way for teens to stay in touch with friends and make new ones. Sites like Friendster and Myspace were a mystery to anyone over the age of 25. Social networking was fun and that was about it.

Myspace fell victim to its users who averaged an age of maybe 16. The site soon became a cesspool of glitter, GIFs and 5,000-word personality surveys.

Then Facebook arose as a cooler, more uniform version of Myspace. The result? People fled to find old friends, create bios, and link to news and more grown-up personal interests.

Exploring New Avenues

As Facebook expands, now boasting over 800 million users around the world and 900 million interactive pages and events, it has taken social networking ever further. It has successfully integrated more than just personal profile pages by allowing businesses, charities, bands and other groups of every size to create pages as well. Users are now as used to seeing updates from Colgate as they are to reading their moms.’

Once we got used to reading news online, Facebook took us even further by incorporating other media platforms. Spotify allows us to share music. Stumbleupon allows us to share infinite Internet findings from jello recipes to mindless games.

With Facebook inching just a little close to the level of clutter—albeit adult clutter—that made Myspace unbearable, some people are looking for an alternative.

When Google+ launched, it became the fastest growing social networking site in the somewhat short history of social networking. The opportunities Google+ presents for new social avenues include group video chatting, circles, hangouts and cloud computing technologies like Google Docs. Google+ could become even larger than Facebook.

Why We Use Social Networking

We use social networking because it’s accessible and ubiquitous. We can connect with people halfway around the globe, for free and in seconds.

With these opportunities, what’s stopping us from using social networking for a greater purpose, like healthcare? Apparently nothing.

The U.K. recently launched a healthcare related social networking site called Just Visiting that allows patients to connect with friends and family and stay connected with similar patients.

Just Visiting uses social networking in a unique way that helps those who need extra care get the attention they need both medically and socially.

About the Author:
Holly Watson is an avid blogger and mother of two (soon to be three :) ). She enjoys yoga, baking and following trends in social media.

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Social Network October 13, 2011 at 11:09 pm

Hey Its really good job buddy you are giving the clear cut ideas on Social Network Analysis which has become the backbone of our society .
Its also giving the opportunity to create communities and through this people are increasing the memberlist of their community

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