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Sexual Exploration… And The Child Abuse of Modern Day Slavery

by bwardell on May 26, 2011

Human Trafficking – Modern-day slavery is real, and shame on all of us!

3 ElementsThis is such an atrocity of the human behavior, and an assault on human rights and the dignity of the person. How in all that is holy, can we keep silent about what is happening to children.

Children are stripped of their inalienable rights, freedom, justice, and peace.

Human trafficking is a billion dollar business and it is well-organized consisting of recruiters, fraudulent employment opportunities, facilitators of transportation, exploiters and end beneficiaries of so-called goods and services provided and produced by trafficked persons.

If you are going to traffic the illegal movement of humans, it is done through fear, intimidation, and heinous acts of indecency and cruelty. It is an action carried out by the most severe, abusive, and demeaning practices for the purpose of the exploitation of human beings.

Click banner above to learn more about some of the growing problem’s globally, such as: Every year over 50,000 women and children are brought to the United States to work as Slaves.

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