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by bwardell on March 15, 2012

Boy, kidnapped eight years ago, to be reunited with his mother

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A Texas mother will soon be reunited with her son, who was kidnapped in 2004 when he was just 8 months old. KPRC-TV’s Mary Benton reports.

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Miguel Morin was 8 months old when, police say, his baby sitter took him for what was supposed to be just one night in 2004. The sitter, Krystle Rochelle Tanner, was Miguel’s godmother and friends with his mother, police say.

Now, eight years after his disappearance, Miguel will be reunited with his mother, Auboni Champion-Morin of Houston, pending a DNA test, reported Wednesday. She says she never gave up hope that she would find her child.

“I prayed every night that he was safe, loved and he would come home one day,” Champion-Morin told the Houston television station.

WOW! is all I can say, we have no idea what families, moms & dads go through when this happens… and it happens everyday around the world but we never hear about those, unless it has a dramatic angle the media can use to tell the story!!

So, as parents we need to prepare, protect, prevent… to have PEACE!!

The 4 Parent P’s To Start The Process…



    1. By, getting the family together and talking to them about Online Security and Internet Safety!!
    2. By, getting familiar and reading the blogs in the above list, and using the tools…
    3. By, getting and installing nanny-cams, GPS’s and tracking security type tools, etc…
    4. By, getting books on the internet and social networks and platforms, to really understand what your children are facing in today’s Digital World in the CyberHood we all live in NOW!!


    1. Definition: a. to be in readiness for (as an occasion) b. to meet or satisfy in advance c. to act ahead of d. to go or arrive before
    2. Trust You Gut Stop It Now!® you never what type of Cyber Criminals, are targeting your kids…
    3. Remember this the fastest growing type of ID theft so, please Register your kids to stop child ID theft? Utah officials say ‘Sign ‘em up
    4. Talk to your kids about stranger danger and please take 25 minutes a day to study this valuable information with them. [Click Here]


    1. peace of MIND!
    2. Peace of MIND!!
    3. Peace OF MIND!!!
    4. PEACE OF MIND!!!!

Peace Of Mind

|  A picture is worth a 1000 words!  |

These are all things you can DO SOMETHING Today!!! To Fully Protect Your Children NOW!! and for the Rest of Their Precious Youth! To Start The Process…

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