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International Pedophile Ring Smashed!!

by bwardell on April 5, 2011

In our frist edition of Thoughts 4 Tuesday, we will covering the topics of predators, pedophiles and child pornographers these are some of the main topics in upcoming new release of Think It Won’t Happen To You? version 3.0 due out later this month!!

THE HAGUE, Netherlands — Police said Wednesday they have smashed a huge international pedophile ring, rescuing 230 children from abuse and arresting 184 suspects — including teachers and police officers.

The three-year investigation code-named Operation Rescue uncovered 670 suspects and identified and safeguarded children in more than 30 countries by arresting people accused of abusing them, said Rob Wainwright, director of the European Union police agency Europol.

The ring was centered on an Amsterdam-based online forum called, which Wainwright described as “probably the largest online pedophile network in the world.” Read more

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Predators & Pedofiles

There are 624,000 known child pornographers that law enforcement are completely aware of and know where they live, because the pedophiles are using P2P networks to share child pornographic images and videos, yet law enforcement cannot go after them because of the lack of funds!

Only YOU can make a difference in your community… that is the attitude you have to make a difference because predators and pedophiles know people are not watching out for others and they use this to their advantage!!

PLEASE do not turn a blind eye to this problem and/or have the excuse of APATHY, that you don’t, won’t or can’t make any changes happen!!

Learn IT, DO IT, Teach IT, Share IT, BE IT

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