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Digital Flirting… is it Illegal?

by bwardell on April 26, 2011

In my post the other day we discussed many different aspects of SEXting… but do our kids think of this behavior as just another way of flirting?

As one of our guests shared on CHWR most teenagers think of this as a form of FLIRTING… I don’t know about you but 50 – 60 years ago, this is not how our parents approached flirting or flirted, nor was it the way my generation flirted!

Listen to both of the interviews today, the first 30 mins we talked with Marsha Levick… then we were joined by Judge Tom Jacobs who we interviewed a few months ago, it was great hour talking about sexting, and how to Keep Our Children Safe, in the Digital Age!

Click play, or click the link below… to go to the show page:

Sexting – What You Need to Know In 2011-2012

Or… The Special:

Think IT Won’t Happen To You? SEXting page Will show… YOU!

SEXting – Naughty Texting

Is sending racy ‘sexts’ flirting, or is it porn?

Though youth is fleeting, images sent on a cell phone or posted online may not be, especially if they’re naughty.

Teenagers’ habit of distributing nude self-portraits electronically — often called “sexting” if it’s done by cell phone — has parents and school administrators worried. Nationally, some prosecutors have begun charging teens who send and receive such images with child pornography and other serious felonies.

But is that the best way to handle it?

In some cases, the photos are sent to harass other teens or to get attention. Other times, they’re viewed as a high-tech way to flirt. Either way, law enforcement officials want it to stop, even if it means threatening to add “sex offender” to a juvenile’s confidential record.

Sexting, texting, happy slapping, cyberbullying, porn, nude pictures…

We have been investigating this problem for a while and I must say that it doesn’t surprise me that kids are doing this with the advent of cell phones, a whole new set of problems sprang up and nobody bothered to do anything about it until it was too late!

You can not fix something once its broke… you can only mend it!

It can never be the same…

To find more info about Marsha Levick: and, also read her article here: Juvenile Law Center Opposes Criminalizing Consensual Sexting.

Judge Tom Jacobs a retired juvenile judge with over 20 years on the bench. I’m also the author of several books for lawyers and judges as well as teens including my most recent book Teen Cyberbullying Investigated (TCI) which has been endorsed by Dr. Phil. In TCI, I discuss the cases of numerous teens who suffered consequences for their online behavior including sexting. I’m also the creator and moderator of, a teen law website providing information to teens and parents about teens’ rights and the laws that affect them. I have written numerous times about sexting on

Ask the Judge, for a recent post about sexting, check out the following link: New Sexting Laws in 2011. Also, he appeared on CHWR in January and discussed parenting issues concerning online safety.

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