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We Are All Connected!

by bwardell on April 12, 2011

That is what Jeff Wells answered when we asedk him our CHW Magic Wand question. His answer was: “To understand that we are all connected to each other. If one thing could happen with their new Facebook game it would be for all people that play the game to understand we are brothers and sisters. If the world really understood this concept how much happier could the world be?”  Click the banner, to check out Jeff’s Family Village!

Team Funium’s Vision; Our first Funium game, Family Village, allows you to discover unknown ancestors and interesting facts about each one.

In Family Village, you’ll build out your actual family tree, and then immigrate those family members into a village you design. In your village, you assign your ancestors jobs to earn money for your town to grow. You can buy homes, cars, pets, and decorations from the time in which your ancestors lived. You can even buy monuments that show off your unique ancestral heritage.

As your village grows, Funium will be working behind the scenes to find family connections and interesting documents such as newspaper articles, yearbook photos, census records, marriage records, maps and many other interesting items that will allow you to know much more about your family. You will be able to save these documents in your library and share them with other friends and family as you wish.

As you play the game you may discover previously unknown family members from past generations or living relatives that might live down the street or in some distant land. This is just the beginning. We have many more features or angles we will reveal as the game grows with millions of happy people discovering family members and unique historical documents. Find out more

I wrote an article a little while ago called:
It Takes A Village To Raise A Child, and A Community To Grow A Family!

Now my saying could include:
It Takes A Village To Raise A Child, and A Community To Grow A Family! and Facebook To Connect (US) To The World, Through Family Village!!

Please listen to the interview below, it was awesome and we had some actually game players that joined us as well, to share their experiences with us and our CHWR followers… It was totally cool to hear what they have enjoyed about the overall game in the beta version!

Jeff announced today that the game will be going live in a couple of weeks so you’ll want to go and be a part of this very cool GAME and platform, that connects you with all your family and your past ancestors!

Get Started right NOW!! Creating your own Family Village… and then create your Family Empire!

Learn IT, DO IT, Teach IT, Share IT, BE IT

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