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Triple Threat In The HOOD Today, Low Cost High Reward Valentine Day Gifts 8>

by bwardell on February 10, 2011

The HOOD Setup:

Dave and Bill and our 3 very special guests today on CHWR…
David Sabine, Mimi Donaldson & Kristin Andress A Very Special Valentines Day In The HOOD

Mimi was our first guest and she talked about the importance of listing to our spouses sometimes it’s not what they say but the unspoken words of their hearts you need to listen too :O)

Mimi Donaldson, Communications Humorist : Love and Communication – Post-season?

“February is tough on men … football season is out and Valentine season is in!” “Help him get out of “Gridiron Gridlock” … before your love life gets “benched”!

“The Valentine season is upon us, and you need to speak FOOTBALL!”

Mimi Donaldson, Corporate-forged Humorist, Communicator, and Author of “Necessary Roughness, New Rules for the Contact Sport of Life”, “Bless Your Stress”, and Negotiating Fo Dummies”. She is talking football from the locker room to the bedroom with good humor and good taste!

Get your own copy of Mimi’s book here:

Image of Necessary Roughness:: New Rules for the Contact Sport of Life

“They say men talk about football – but not about relationships… And women talk about relationships – but not about football Mimi talks Football and how it can fix relationships … and the V clock is running …”

Please listen to this wonderful show below:

Next was Kristin – Have A Great Valentines Day By Intent! On February 14, America will “celebrate” Valentines Day and likely spend $13 Billion.

So often, we are not sure what our spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend or partner will find to be special from you on Valentine’s Day… or what a day to yourself can mean.

Kristin Andress, Corporate Consultant and Author of “Imagine Being In A Life You Love” says: “Be intentional about designing the day… take out the chance, but keep the Romance!”

“…don’t do this on Feb 14th only… but be intentional about designing romance throughout the year.

Bio: Kristin Andress is a seasoned business consultant with a realistic advice that you would expect from a CEO of a consulting firm that provides strategic planning, marketing and communications solutions to major corporations and start-up companies. Reality dictates that a life you can love requires imagination, planning, and choices. Imagine Being In A Life You Love is a reality workbook for those critical life factors.

Image of Imagine Being In a Life You Love

Topic/ Discussion Points: Are you a participant or a spectator in your (romantic) life?

Five Tips for Couples To Take The Chance Out Of Romance
1. Write a love letter Read it aloud to him/her.
2. Allow some ‘me’ time for your partner
3. Plan the day or evening from start to finish
4. Gift him or her with something you
5. Create an “I remember” or “what I wish for us” opportunity

For Singles:

Five Ways Singles can be intentional about designing your day
1. Hole up with good movies.
2. Volunteer at a nursing home or a shelter.
3. Write a love letter to yourself.
4. Schedule a virtual/remote happy hour with a good friend (or several).
5. Play your choice cards.

and to wrap it up, we then were joined by: David Sabine, Cilnical Psychologist: No Broken Hearts Today!

“Another Valentine’s day is just around the corner and for those dealing with a recent break up, valentine’s day can be particularly painful…”

Will a break up determine how you next romantic relationship will be?

No, nothing is determined in love. But it may indeed influence our choices. Sometimes when love fails we over-react in the opposite direction in the next relationship. But more often, in spite of our statements and vows to the contrary, we tend to seek out future partners that are similar to our past partners.

David Sabine, Ph.D. is Clinical Psychologist in Private Practice for 15 years in Wichita Falls, Texas. His doctorate is from the University of Louisville, and he was a Pre-doctoral Fellow at Yale University. He works daily with families and children and speaks widely on issues related to the family. He has four children of his own, ages 27, 24, 16, and 12.

Discussion Topics: 5 Points To A Good Day With You.

How difficult will Valentine’s Day actually be?
Should this day bring closure?
Should you simply treat this as any other day?
Plan and do things on your own behalf
Embrace the pain, but look on through it.

Learn IT, DO IT, Teach IT, Share IT, BE IT

Have a Very Happy Valentines Day!!

Your CyberHood Watch Partner – Bill Wardell

Radio Security Journalist


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