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Subhash Tantry, CEO of FoxT, & Bob West, CEO of Echelon One On The CHWR Today!

by bwardell on February 22, 2012

Dave and Bill interviewed Subhash Tantry, CEO of FoxT, & Bob West, CEO of Echelon One, about their recent research and survey results…

On Wednesday February 22nd , FoxT, a leading provider of access management solutions, and Echelon One, an IT security research leader specializing in security programs and guidance, will announce the results of a survey the companies conducted of 327 information security professionals to determine what the main focus has been within their IT security departments to mitigate risk and protect against attacks and threats.

The findings alarmingly pointed to how the majority of enterprises used methods that exposed their organizations to insider fraud, corporate espionage, and nation-state-sponsored attacks.

FoxT - Access Management Software

Enterprises also reported implementation of outdated access management technologies, which facilitates the theft and misuse of intellectual property and customer data once the network is compromised. Some of the most important survey results include:

• Potential for insider fraud is magnified by enterprise server deployment with 76% of respondents unable to automatically administer user accounts across multiple servers.
• 73% of enterprises reported that they are unable to centrally define access rules and policies necessary to map access to employee role.
• Enterprises lack the critical infrastructure to enforce server access

Enterprises also reported that in 2012 they’ll begin to address their access management gaps with 69% reporting access management will be a key IT initiative in 2012 as organizations plan to protect access to the IT technologies…

They shared the full report with us and we want to thank both Subhash and Bob for being on our show today and willingness to share this report with us and our audience! There was so much great information on real IT Security vulnerabilities & problems that needs to be fixed!! Click the media player above to hear the complete interview!

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