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Contributing Guest Raj Goel on CHWRadio With Dave & Bill…Your Stay Out of Jail Free Tip

by dballard on March 20, 2012

Contributing Partner Raj Goel

Raj Goel on CyberHood Watch Radio With Dave & Bill

A contributing guest of CHWRadio is Raj Goel, and he never ceases to provide great insight for our guests and their well-being for a safe digital experience. The Internet is becoming more complicated, not necessarily in its use, but in its regulations and the unforeseen pitfalls that lay before our children, families, and businesses.

It seems anything and everything developed for the digital world carries a doubled edged sword that cuts both ways. I have mentioned this before regarding my initial experience with the Internet, and chatting on the early Bulletin Boards and the sound of your modem dialing in…The Innocent Internet Days.

Today’s Internet is no longer innocent and much less forgiving if you are careless. One such recent issue that Raj talked about is what you should do if you find child porn on your PC. Not me, you might be thinking. I do not visit those kinds of sites. Unfortunately, you do not need to visit adult sites, and would never entertain the idea of searching for a child pornography site. However, have you ever heard of file sharing sites like Bit Torrent, LimeWire, P2P, Napster, etc., most likely your kids have?

One aspect of file sharing programs; they are used to circumvent payment for music, games, and/or software. Moreover, in addition to potential malware added to the unauthorized downloads of the digital products are pornography and specifically child pornography without your knowledge. Do not attempt to erase anything, follow the advice of Raj, which you can find in the beginning of the show. Even attorneys are under the wrong impression as to the correct actions to take when it comes to child pornography.

Think about sexting…

Think about a disgruntled employee…

What do you do if someone has sent your child an inappropriate picture of someone under the age of eighteen? Raj says, if you think it is child porn (under the age of 18) pull the plug – turn it off.  Then fast forward to the eighteenth minute of the show and listen to what Raj has to say.

Small business owners at the very minimal should include in the company handbook these concepts as a base line:

  1. Anything you do on company property; computers, laptops, cell phones, company networks, etc., is subject to eDiscovery and forensics…there is no privacy in the workplace.
  2. If you access your personal email, Facebook, social media accounts through company computers on company time they may be subject to search and seizure or litigation.
  3. Do not permit your employees to use their own equipment.

Terms of Service (TOS) is not an enjoyable read and more than not is filled with “legalese” making it difficult to understand. However, take the time. The next time you update one of your apps read the TOS. Did you realize that your smartphone can be turned on and listening to your personal conversation with out your knowledge. Or your camera can take a picture without your notification…read your terms of service or privacy policy, you’ll be surprised.

A final note that I urge everyone to listen to is time stamp 00:44:00 when Raj talks about ISP – SOPA – PIPA and what the music industry is desperately striving to pull-off at a great cost to the Internet and our personal privacy. According to the music industry one song that is pirated and downloaded is valued at $150,000.00 – you read that right – just one song!

You have to stop and ask yourself, who is delusional about the $150,000.00 price tag of a single pirated song and what are they trying to pull-off…Internet control?

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