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Moving Forward With David Sabine, Ph.D Visits With CHWR Today!

by bwardell on August 2, 2011

There is surgery and medicine for broken bones and pain. There is therapy to get you through and past the trauma.

But where do you start to re assemble the life you had… or to build a new life when the one you had is gone?

David Sabine, Ph.D., practicing clinical psychologist and author of the upcoming book “Chair With A View” addresses the new family dynamic in the mega-media age. Listen below, to find out how:

Once again David Sabine joined Dave and Bill in the CyberHood and spent an hour of his time sharing with us his great insight and common sence approach to being a Clinical Psychologist who teaches from a real passion point of view, in helping others find real solutions!!

David’s clients come to psychotherapy in a crisis of meaning. They are stuck, unhappy, and demoralized. While pain is ubiquitous among them, the individual stories they share are unique.

In fifteen years of doing this work, I have never heard the same story twice. The variety is staggering:

My mother was abusive. My husband is cheating. I am cheating. I lost my dog. I have cancer. I have AIDS. No one loves me. I am afraid to quit my job. I can’t stop pulling out my hair. I have thoughts so bad I can’t tell anyone about them. I just want to die.

You can read more excerpts from “Chair With A View”

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Bio: David Sabine, Ph.D is a Clinical Psychologist in Private Practice for 15 years in Wichita Falls, Texas. His doctorate is from the University of Louisville, and he was a Pre-doctoral Fellow at Yale University. He works daily with families and children and speaks widely on issues related to the family. He has four children of his own, ages 27, 24, 16, and 12.


David plies his years of practical psychology with a heart full of soft spoken Texan warmth and good humor providing articulate wisdom with cogent answers to complex issues.


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