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Kristin Andress Teaches Imagine Being in a Life You LOVE

by bwardell on January 18, 2011

Image of Imagine Being In a Life You Love

Kristin Andress and Jaqui Jeanes-Lowry are presenting a powerful tool to uncover personal and professional dreams and possibilities.

“So, how is life going for you?”


Kristin Andress is the CEO of Andress Consulting, founded in 2002. She consults with authors, businesses, and entrepreneurs to create business, marketing, and promotional strategies. She is a master in crafting key messages and collateral to position clients, product, or service offerings. One of her clients for the past six years has been Stedman Graham & Associates.

Jaqui Jeanes-Lowry is an executive coach and consultant to some of the world’s major public limited and private companies. As the managing partner of VSA Consulting Inc., in the United Kingdom and EMEA, she works with executives and professionals in a variety of industries.

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“So, how is life going for you?”

Find out listen to the CHWR interview with Kristin Andress to find answers how 2011 can be, and will be the best year of your LIFE!!

It is said that the brain is driven by logic, the heart is driven by emotion, business is driven by profit and all three drive your life.

But who is doing the driving?

Dave and Bill were taught today by Kristin Andress about Sustainable Resolutions for 2011 and beyond :) It all starts with your imagination and the choices you make to have the life that you can love.

So, I have just downloaded my copy of the workbook to go along with my copy of this fabulous book, and I will be giving you updates on my progress in the coming, weeks and months to come :) join Dave and Bill by getting your own book and keep us updated with your progress, and questions please contact us.

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