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FREE Is Good… but Free Apps To Protect Our Children Is Even Better!

by bwardell on June 30, 2010

Ron Stevenson stopped by the HOOD today and shared with all our followers, members and live radio listeners about their fantastic new product and service called: Parental Guidance Facebook App.

As Ron opened the show and shared with us a staggering fact that 60% of kids today are on social media, so folks this is huge, and only getting bigger… Be aware that this is real and by 2013 there will be almost 4.5 billion users connecting to the internet through the broadband channel called the World Wide Web!

Listen to this fantastic interview below:

In a world where children are dependent upon the social media sphere, it remains important for parents to be aware of the people with whom their children are interacting.

The Schakra Platform

Schakra–a software company based out of Redmond, WA that provides services to other world-class technology companies such as Microsoft, along with numerous business enterprises and solutions. They have just launched a website upon the Schakra platform, called, which contains various applications to help users manage their online social media experiences.

The use of Facebook has exceeded the use of Google in overall traffic, and parents are now nervous about giving their kids free reign of these social media platforms. Because cyberbullying is such a growing trend amongst young people, parents want to be able to have more control over who their children connect with online.

In June, a new application will launched on which will allow parents to monitor their children’s activity on websites like Facebook. Parents can first define the rules and criteria that will be monitored on Facebook, and then receive notifications pertaining to these settings.

Here are the results of our Survey conducted in cooperation with the good folks at Schakra and for the CHW Interview:

Question 01 How worried about your child’s/teen’s online activities?

Extremely worried 67%
Somewhat worried 33%
Not at all 0%

Question 02 How much time do you estimate your child/teen spends on FB (or other social networking sites)?

2-4 hours a day 67%
Not on FB or other sites 33%
Under 2 hours a day 0%
5+ hours a day 0%

Question 03 Is your child/teen updating his or her Facebook via a cell phone/iPhone?

No 67%
Yes 33%

Question 04 Do you currently use any social media monitoring tools with your children?

No 100%
Yes 0%

Question 05 Would you use a tool that let you monitor your children’s Facebook activity?

Yes 83%
No 17%

Question 06 Do you have a Facebook page?

Yes 100%
No 0%

Question 07 Are you friends with your child/teen on Facebook?

No 50%
Yes 50%

Question 08 If no, have you requested “friend” status and your child/teen has denied it?

No 100%
Yes 0%

We appreciate all of you that particapated in this CHW Survey :) and Schakra as well says; “Thank you, to all the CHW Supporters” for there feedback, and willingness to be a part of their June launch!

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