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Facing the Fear and Costs of Retirement With John Graves

by bwardell on October 21, 2011

CHWR welcomes John Graves, CLU, CHFC, Registered Investment Advisor, to the show today…

A recent survey suggested that retiring Americans are more afraid of running out of money than of death. The economy has affected millions who now must keep working years after they planned to retire.

Retirement fears have spread to businesses large and small. Many are underfunded for their retirement obligations, others can’t afford plans and feel they can’t retain or attract good employees.

7 Percent Solution by John Graves

Talking Points:

    Is there really a retirement crisis?
    How much do economic downturns affect retirement plans?
    How do these factors differ for Mom & Pops, medium size companies, and big business?.
    Is it realistic to think the problems will or can be fixed?
    What can individuals and business owners do to be proactive?

What a fantastic interview, listen above!!!

John Graves, CLU, CHFC, manager of some $400 million in assets, and editor of The Retirement Journal.

While the headlines are filled with the tribulations of major corporations, the heartbeat of America is also powered by employees and by small business. Every one of them from mom & pop shops to small companies with a few dozen employees have to face the fact that those granted the gift of aging will someday not be willing or able to work. We politely call that retirement.

Once addressed with a gold watch, a fishing rod, and social security, both small business employees and employers are sweating the upcoming bill.

John Graves, CLU, CHFC has some solution for both businesses and individuals. Working with the basics of time, objective information and common sense “The 7% Solution” (January 2012) may solve your problems.

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Thank you John for your time today… you were awesome and you are making a REAL difference and thanks for the heads up and all the tips today!!! our you can follow John here: @theretjournal and/or connect on Facebook

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