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NO!! Facebook, no Twitter, no Gmail oh MY?

by bwardell on August 17, 2010

Todays Guest ROCKED the CyberHood Watch… by telling us that most adults and all teenagers do NOT understand enough to be using social media and some of the longstanding implicattions of sharing your personal INFO with others and the world…

Listen to the frist 30 minutes of the show… it BLOW you away!!

As, parents you need to know what Raj Goel has to say aobut using Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and other social networks like 4square and MySpace!!!

He has over 25 years experince in the IT world, and people listen when he speaks, also you check out some of his Slidecast Presentations here:

Goel is also a cyber forensics expert serving the needs of attorneys and forensic accountants. He conducts information security liability audits and IT valuations as well as tracking down and evaluating digital evidence. He is an experienced pre-trial consultant and expert witness in matrimonial proceedings, wrongful-termination suits, and in criminal defense matters.

He also has over 20 years of experience in software development, systems integration, network communications, and eCommerce applications for the legal, financial, banking, insurance, real estate, healthcare, and pharmaceutical industries.

Goel has been a featured speaker at the New York State Society of CPAs, New York Health Information Management Association, New York State CyberSecurity Conference, InfoSecurity Toronto, Credit Interchange Association, New York County Lawyers’ Association, and a host of other conferences. He has also been the featured presenter in Webinars for Brighttalk Security Summit (“Trends in Financial Crime”), the ICS2 Security Series (“Staying Compliant in a Rapidly Changing World”), Citibank (“Are You Googling Your Privacy Away”), and other companies.

He has authored numerous articles, his most recent being: “Trends in Financial Crimes,” and “Are You Googling Your Corporate Privacy and Security Away,” for InfoSecurity Magazine, plus a monthly “Ask the Technologist” column for Commercial Property News.

For more information about Raj and Brainlink you can go here:

Thanks again Raj for sharing your time with us today, and you’re welcome back anytime to the CyberHood Watch…

Learn IT, DO IT, Teach IT, Share IT

Your CyberHood Watch Partner

Bill Wardell

p.s. check out the press release we were talking about today, on the last half hour of the show here: CyberHood Watch in the News, about Pocket Porn!!

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