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CHWR 3 Year Anniversary 02/02/2011 with Rodd Lucier, The Clever Sheep

by bwardell on February 2, 2011

We had a DREAM!!

To create a weekly radio show… different than any other radio show in the world, and 3 years later we have done just that and it is called: CHWR

The CyberHood Watch Partners want to thank all of our guests, listeners, supporters and followers… and especially Anissa @ The Publicists Assistant for all her hard work on our behalf… and the publicity people, personal assistants and all the good folks who make our weekly show a reality!

and… today’s show was a perfect example of what Dave and I have been doing for the past years… please listen to Rodd’s interview:

Baaaaaaah Baaaaaaah Baaaaaaah Be A Clever Sheep!!!!!

Rodd Lucier joined Dave and Bill today… Rodd is a teacher and edu-blogger who works to create a more relevant learning environment for so-called ‘digital natives’. You can see the range of topics he blogs and podcast about, here at: Lessons From The Rink or Greatest Gift

We really liked the Lessons and how they can apply to parents and their children, teachers like Rodd are a bit harder to come by than they used to be. So please listen to hear how he does it, and how you can learn to be a better educators and/or parents!

Also, learn from Rodd’s Blog: The Clever Sheep Blog or @thecleversheep
and his edu-podcast on: iTunes or his educational app called: The Clever app

please don’t be a follower, use your mind to lead, control, direct, write and orchestrate your own LIFE!!

Learn IT, DO IT, Teach IT, Share IT, BE IT

Your CyberHood Watch Partner

Bill Wardell

Radio Security Journalist

as discussed on todays show, here are couple of links to see what is in store for your technology furtures:

John Brandon is a tech contributor at Inc Magazine and an Editor for Inc Technology ( Before starting his writing career, he led a design and writing team at a large consumer electronics retailer.

Communicate Via Brainwaves

Star Trek-Style Communicator Badge

and also: TED’s future of Communication or watch the video below:

Read… Dave’s TED’s post: “In 10 Years We Will Be Here With The Ultimate ‘Sixth Sense’ Brain Implant

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