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Alex Nikmanesh, PharmD., Licensed Pharmacist Returns To The CyberHood Today!

by CHWatch on July 19, 2011

Afrouz “Alex” Nikmanesh, Pharm.D. – CEO A licensed pharmacist with over 12 years of experience, Dr. Nikmanesh brings knowledge and inspiration to the Pharmacist’s Remedy range of products.

She believes in Prevention, Nature, and being Green. Nature has much to offer, she says, and this is why she focuses on using natural ingredients and incorporating the science of some synthetic materials, that have proven to help with the healing process.

When family and friends would remark that she never seemed to be sick, despite being around ill people everyday, Alex’s response was “I nip it in the bud!”. Later on that belief led Alex to begin Pharmacist’s Remedy to share her secrets to health, with Nip-It Throat Spray leading the way.

Alex has a refreshing and accurate perspective on health-beyond-the pill-bottle from an objective and trained Ph.D. pharmacist, Alex Nikmanis, Pharm.D. Joined Dave and Bill on CHWR again to share her knowledge with our CyberHood Watch audience!

Listen to today’s awesome and very informative show:

Another Day – Another Inflammatory Headline – A few months ago Potassium Iodide was sold out to protect us from the radiation from Japan. A few years ago Vitamin E to prevent heart attacks.

Today, it’s Vitamin D. The headline reads: “Vitamin D Slashes Diabetes Risk”

Will next week’s headline be FDA reports High Levels of Vitamin D Toxicity? People need to act on common sense, not react to headlines … but headlines sell products, so… How does the public really know what to do? Alex Nikmanesh, with her Doctorate in Pharmacy and 15 years experience says:

“The real health risk was not the small amount of radiation from five-thousand miles away … it was taking a potassium iodide without radiation poisoning!”

“If a lack Vitamin D causes problems, taking unmonitored OTC doses of Vitamin D causes more problems!”

“Too much Vitamin D in the bloodstream can cause anorexia, bone swelling, fatigue, hyperglycemia … The vitamin D toxicity can be as bad as diabetes …”

Today’s Discussion Points:

  • Overmedicating through advertising and fear studies.
  • Potassium Iodide-help or hype…would have.
  • What it is usually used for Why it has sold out of the stores
  • Who, if anyone, should take it and what are the side effects
  • What small amounts of radiation exposure can do …
  • Signs of radiation poisoning
  • Why do we need vitamin D- and where do we get it?
  • Vitamin D in your bloodstream – how much is too much?
  • Symptoms of overuse of vitamin D
  • Effects of hyperglycemia and anorexia from vitamin D
  • Overuse of over-the-counter health products.
Thanks Alex for spending an hour of your time with us today, we so appreciate it!  We hope to have Alex back on the CHWR show when her upcoming book Breaking the Rx Habit: Natural Alternatives for Synthetic Drugs is published.

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