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Spring Flu Season… and Monday Maddness!!!

by bwardell on April 5, 2010

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Yep, I have the Spring Flu… yuck… and blah, blah… BLAH don’t you hate someone who tells you all their problems, especially heath and other wize how much misery there in, bOO hOO… well bear with me…

Yes it is Monday Maddness and all these words are spelled correctly :) :( :P

My grandma used to tell me that when I got old, I would understand how important your HEALTH is… and pretty much everything else does not mean much if your sick, or in pain… we’ve been nursing 2 sick kids the last few weeks, and it finally caught up to yours truly of the past few days, but life goes on… and yes it is Monday again so, here is all the MADDNESS!!

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