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We are Not MADD Today… We’re Happy, Because CHWR is Number 19 on BTR Family!

by CHWatch on August 1, 2011

UPDATE: WE are Now at # 9


In just the past few days we have moved up to the Top 10, very cool thanks to everyone for all your support!!

Dave and Bill have worked everyday for the past 3 1/2 years to create the very best family radio show we could… Now those efforts are paying off big time, bringing in amazing results!!! One great example is our CHWR show is listed as the 19th most popular broadcast on the BTR family channel…

Where “YOU” Want To Be A Part Of The Hood!

The CHW Partners, Dave Ballard & Bill Wardell invite you to join with them every Tuesday & Thursday morning at 11:00 am MST for the CyberHood Watch live radio show… Dave & Bill discuss and create (awareness) regarding the Internet security issues of the day relating to your children, families, businesses, personal privacy and the new broadband (communication) channel of the digital age! CHWR… Where Neighbors, Friends And Families Are The Best Part!

The CyberHood Watch Radio On AIR

With over 48,600 BTR shows listed in the most popular sections, we feel very blessed that our audience has made the CHWR one of the most listened to and popular shows, in one of the most popular BTR categories.

CHWR live show as of: July 31st, 2011 we have over 300 hours worth recorded interviews, and 153,377 Profile Views, Friends, Followers, Downloads & Listens to the CyberHood Watch Radio Show! One of the top Family Talk Radio shows on all the web for internet safety!

Stop by the weekly (CHWR) live radio show! Tuesday – Thursday @ 11 am MST. Dave and Bill are asked monthly to announce the launches of new products, services, systems, as well as to promote newly released books, etc… it is a real honor for us, that we don’t take lightly!

Thanks to all of our guests, and esecilly to our CyberHood family of listeners and followers for your continued support… If you would like to request an interview on CHWR, you can fill out the: Radio Show Request form. Check out our most recent shows below:

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Learn IT, DO IT, Teach IT, Share IT, BE IT

Your CyberHood Watch Partners

Dave Ballard & Bill Wardell

Radio Security Journalists

© 2006 – 2011 CyberHood Watch


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