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Don’t Get MADD… Get Even More Protection For Your Children!

by bwardell on February 7, 2011

Preventing Family Abductions — When a child is abducted by a parent or family member, the trauma can leave scars that never heal. Get the facts.  Learn more.

Order Your Free Child Safety Kit Today

24 pages of guidance for parents. Teach abduction prevention without scaring your child (or yourself).

Includes two Fingerprint/DNA ID Documents to record your child’s personal information—all in the privacy of your home.

The Polly Klaas® Foundation Making America Safe for All Children is one of the best websites and resources on the web for information & protection for your children, before they become a victim or heaven forbid something happens to your family… they can help as well!

Learn IT, DO IT, Teach IT, Share IT, BE IT

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Bill Wardell

Radio Security Journalist

If Your Child
Runs Away or
Goes Missing

Immediately contact your local police agency. They will decide whether to issue an Amber Alert.
File a missing persons report–as soon as you discover your child is missing.
There is no mandatory waiting period.
Then contact the Polly Klaas® Foundation 24/7 Help-Line:


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