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When you lose a loved one :(

by bwardell on August 16, 2010

Monday MADDness… is here again :) and I sure am glad it’s Monday :)

Let me tell you why:

Today I want to tell you about the loss of a loved one… this may not break your heart but it sure did our family’s heart over the weekend…

My wife and I had gone out of town to meet with a couple of clients, business meetings, and have dinner together…our idea of a date night! Yes, we love planning and talking about business when we have time alone! Go figure :)

When we got home we said hi to the few kids who were still up and walked the babysitters out. Somehow in those few moments of having our door open and close, our cat cat of 9 years Einstein (Steiny) for short got out. Einstein was gone the next morning when we noticed. We looked for him everywhere and spent the whole weekend worrying, looking and praying for his safe return. Yesterday I had all-but given up. We had the idea to put up some signs in the extended neighborhood and sure enough one of the families found him today and called us to let us know he was safe and taken care of. Long story short, he is home NOW, and we are so very thankful for good neighbors who had been taking care of him over the last couple of days.

This is one Monday that I am glad it was filled with madness because today we found our missing Steiny and he is home safe and sound, a little dirty and scuffed up from a weekend of playing. I am sure he thought it was play, but I bet he was glad to come back home as well. Anyway it got me thinking about losing someone, like a child how sick you would be and how you would not be able to rest or think straight until they were returned home.

I can’t imagine what it would feel like to lose one of your children but I do know what if feels like to lose a loved one, and it hurts…

So, tonight when I lock the doors, I will say silent prayer for all those who’s children are missing and hope you will be able to find them someday and they can come home where it is safe and warm :)

All my best to you,


aka, Steiny’s step-dad :)

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