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Identifying At-Risk Teens with Larry Lawton Tomorrow @11:00 am MST

by bwardell on September 6, 2010

No…. MADDness today, it’s a day or rest from our Labors:) But Look Out for tomorrow the MADDness begins… with a very special guest in the HOOD!!!

If a teen is experiencing more than four of the following warning signs, they could be at risk and an intervention should be considered before the problem gets worse.

1-Has the teen ever been suspended, expelled, been truant, or had their grades drop?
2-Is the teen verbally abusive?
3-Does the teen struggle with basic family rules and expectations?
4-Does the parent have difficulty getting the teen to do basic household chores and homework?
5-Has the teen had problems with the law?
6-Does the parent have to pick their words carefully when speaking to the teen, so as not to elicit a verbal attack or even rage from them?
7-Is the teen in danger of dropping out of high school?
8-Does the teen associate with a suspect peer group?
9-Has the teen lost interest in former productive activities, sports, hobbies, or childhood friends?
10-Has the teen ever displayed any evidence of suicide?

Read the rest of the list of 24 risks: Identifying At-Risk Teens

If you are a parent of teens or soon to be TEENS, then you need to listen into the CHWR tomorrow @11:00 am MST Especially if you have more than four of the warning signs!

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Bill Wardell

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Lawton works with at risk teens to help each understand that: a life of a crime is no life at all!

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