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Don’t Be MADD… When Learning More About Being A Better Digital Parent

by bwardell on August 15, 2011

Yes Monday again, it’s time for another installment of Monday MADDness! There is nothing I can really be mad about today unless you don’t follow my advise below! I promise if you will take my 5 suggestions and become SMART about your children’s daily activities on the internet, you’ll be a good Digital Parent before you know it…

We interviewed Vanessa Van Petten almost 3 years ago and WOW have all our lives changed since then!   ;)   Vanessa has done some amazing things with her philosophy about parents and teens and there relationships…

In this new era filled with so many different horizons of electronics called the digital age! That includes social media, wireless communication and the unstoppable world-wide broadband channel sweeping us all up with its powerful 24/7 onslaught of information!!!

Vanessa’s understanding and her fresh approach are cutting edge! Vanessa message has not changed much in the past 3 years… but what she has done is spent her time adding a wonderful supporting cast, to share her parenting message across the many media platforms, and refined her methods to become one of my favorite bloggers, teen educators and young entrepreneurs

I consider her Radical Parenting site to be one of the top 50 Parenting and Mommy bloggers on the planet. I’m not alone in this thinking, many others consider her to be right on target, when it comes to helping both teens and parents bridge this ever-widening digital divide!

Tha CyberHood Watch Partners Dave and Bill give Vanessa Van Petten our highest recommend and a very special pat on the back for being one of the good guys (gals) in the CyberHood today… as a parent you need to read this following article, and spend some quality time with Vanessa and her team of talented teen writers, and learn what is going on in your (our) teens lives, through the eyes of real teenagers.

While you’re there subscribe to her rss feed for weekly updates, like I did!

Don’t Be MADD… When Learning More About Being A Better Digital Parent, or naive and especially don’t try to get even with punishments to unplug their (world) connections… friends, social, education and fun!

Please be SMART when it comes to learning and experiencing this new online/offline dynamic that your children are growing up in!!!


Study… with your kids and learn about what is going on in the world through their eyes, or walk a mile in their shoes you’ll see that they need you everyday, to help them make good choices!

Mimic… this is the truest form of (flattery) learning, and in the trades we used to call this an apprentice program… it’s important to be this for our kids while growing up, but it’s more important that we do this with our kids when leaning this new skill called the internet, PC, wireless, laptops, Facebook and Twitter, etc… what ever your skill level your kids know a lot more than you know! Sorry but it is true, never turn down the opportunity to spend TIME with your children, and be their student!

Attitude… determines your altitude, your attitude does make a difference in all walks of life, especially with your teenagers while you’re teaching them about life, Be A Part Of The Solution!

Respect… given is returned, your kids will have a much better childhood if you teach them respect, by EXAMPLE! after all, they’re our Future!!

Time… is your most precious commodity, and how you use it is your choice! So in this very busy life we all live in, at the very least please Take 25 minutes a day with each child! Please ask some questions and then listen to the answers, you’ll be surprised what your able to learn from and about these very special spirits, called your children…

Childhood is full of rewards and potential risks. As babies become toddlers, they are more prone to bumps, bruises, falls, and distractions. As children grow into teenagers, they become increasingly independent and are more apt to explore, live life, and socialize with less family supervision.

Fortunately, potential risks children face throughout their lives can be lessened when parents and guardians teach safety concepts. While it may not be possible for parents and guardians to be with their children every minute of the day, they can spend time talking to them, setting appropriate limits, and helping them make good choices. Read more

Just minutes of prevention can make a huge impact in the life of a child.

It’s no longer two separate places, it’s a new frontier of millions of bytes of information that includes: social media, entertainment and knowledge all rolled into one experience, that is connected to and enjoyed by a click of a mouse and/or a swipe of a finger on an electronic surface or keypad!

We are very proud of Vanessa and we are grateful we got to know her before she became so famous, I remember one of her main goals was to be on Oprah, and I believe she has worked like she knew she would be, so the results she has achieved are awesome…

but the people she has helped is amazing and are what really counts, a special thanks to Vanessa from Dave and Bill.

So, she has inspired us to create our own Top 100 CyberParenting directory, if you would like to be included in, or check out our Top 100 CyberParenting Blogs/Sites we have just started, here the link to: CHW’s Top 100 list, we think it’s a good start!

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