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Cyber Monday MADDne$$

by bwardell on November 29, 2010

Cyber Monday, one of the busiest online $hopping days of the year.

Deals draw big Black Friday crowds in Utah $o, if they did not get you on Friday, then they’ll be getting youR $$$ toDay…

Retailers, coming off a busy Black Friday, are trying to continue the momentum by attracting customers online with Cyber Monday deals.
Read more: Cyber Monday

On Cyber Monday, feds shut down 82 online counterfeit retailers…

Corrected: Retailers hope Cyber Monday sustains shopping

From retail to “e-tail” analysts predict Cyber-Monday will kick off to a great start and this year sales are expected to be better thanks to aggressive promotions.

“It’s just much easier than going to the stores.”

E-shopper Debbie Kozlowski is doing her shopping with the stroke of a key and the click of a mouse. Read more… E-shoppers gearing up for cyber-Monday

So… Be Safe Onlne, and Think Before “YOU” Click…

Make sure they are a reputable company and that they have security in place for their websites. Be diligent by looking in the address bar for the 2 tell-tale signs they are using security for all your purchases!

1. https:// (please look for the S at the end of http) also…
2. look for a padlock as well, this means that the servicer provider is implementing security into the purchase process!

There are many more things to look for, but for now make sure that sites you shop or purchase from have these two main website security features (which are easily checked procedures). If the site does not use one or both, Please DON’T make a purchase.

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Learn IT, DO IT, Teach IT, Share IT, BE IT

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Bill Wardell

Radio Security Journalist



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