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An END To An Era… and the MADDness of Being a NBA Fan!!

by bwardell on May 9, 2011

THAT Lives in UTAH :)

It’s hard to like a guy when he always BEATS you!

Just ask the legendary Jerry Sloan about Phil Jackson… two of the living legends leave the game of Basket Ball in 2011

It’s Monday morning… I am thinking of the MADDness as my wife and I watched the end of the game yesterday, enjoying our Mothers Day afternoon together… Yes I convinced her that it was history in the making, all of us expecting a (comeback) and plus, maybe the possibility of and/or we didn’t mind watching LA lose to a better TEAM just like a decade ago when the Utah Jazz shook off those off all those naysayers and took IT… to the next level and ended up beating the Rockets, then going to the finals!

Sometimes I think of the what all the could have beens, like Karl Malone just getting the mail delivered on Sunday :) oh well, we had such a great run back then and so is Dallas now…

But, as everyone seen yesterday how sometimes the mighty can fall, we witnessed some very bad sportsmanship on behalf of some of the Laker players! And, so it got me to thinking about the legacy of both these great coaches, former BB players and men of honor… I am sure that Phil Jackson and Jerry Sloan would have liked things to play out a little differently, this year… But, as you know I am sure both of these coaches would tell you, this is just competition and sometimes competitors are just that… and would both agree that nothing beats lacing them up, and may the best team win!!!

I for one will really miss both coaches and their very unique personalities and what they both brought to the game and what they left behind as far as their legacies as the lives they lived, careers and teams! How both mens lives, careers and teams crossed the generational paths of over the past 40 years! The NBA, The Fans, The Players and yes the others coaches can only wonder what, and how things could have played out this year and many years to come, with Jerry and Phil in the league in 2012 :)

In any sport, the idea of any team winning an NBA Championship, a World Series, a Stanley Cup 11 times in 20 years is ridiculous.  Winning 70 percent of your games (in the NBA, that’s averaging 57 wins a season) for the entirety of your career is ludicrous.  In any sport, winning back-to-back-to-back championships is a historic accomplishment; the idea of doing it three separate times, is absurd. Read more

So call Phil Jackson ridiculous, call him ludicrous, call him absurd, but the only thing completely deserving of the three prior adjectives is this statistic alone:

Phil Jackson won NBA Coach of the Year once.  In 1996, when the Chicago Bulls won 72 games en route to his fourth NBA Championship.

Like I said, as a FAN and a schoolyard player of BB… It’s hard to like a guy when he always BEATS you! But I have the utmost respect for him as a leader, coach and a player in the game and wish him well.

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