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You Think IT Won’t Happen To You? That Is What Everyone THINKS!

by bwardell on July 8, 2011

I was doing some research yesterday for our Thursday highlights posts called TIWHTY Thursday and I came across a very interesting post about credit card fraud: you-think-it-wont-happen-to-you read their story!!

One of the first things I do on my computer is to access our bank account and review our statement. I guess it’s lucky that I do this every morning because today I immediately saw three suspicious transactions that had occurred around 6:30 a.m this morning. They took place in California; two of them at 7-Eleven stores. In California! We live in Kentucky and I have never even been to California. These transactions were made using my husband’s ATM/Debit card number… Read more

This type of story is all to often what Dave and I hear on a daily basis and especially weekly on on our CHWR live radio show, our guests and industry professionals are dealing with this kind of Credit Card fraud and many other examples of online security fraud, banking fraud, website fraud to read more examples and our thoughts on security solutions on these subjects take a look at Your Online Security Authority Blog to learn even more lessons on how to protect you and your family!

We have 3 very special 3 part series on Online Security Issues:

Keeping Your Teen Safe Online | Part I | Part II | Part III |

Craigslist: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly | Part I | Part II | Part III |

How to Use Online Shopping and Online Banking Wisely | Part I | II | III |

So, please don’t be casual when it comes to your Online Security or your families internet safety! You Think IT Won’t Happen To You? That Is What Everyone THINKS! and that is what leads to becoming a victim of online fraud, thinking it could never happen to YOU!

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You know how much I hate Statistics… BUT, they show that you will be a victims of some type of online fraud sometime in your lifetime! So start protecting your personal information, and keep track of all your receipts plus any transactions online and offline as well… Because most credit card fraud starts offline, and then the cybercriminals use your personal info and ID for more (Black Market) fraud online!! Read more about protecting your Identity, from our good friends at the: Blog!

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