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Have a good day!! Everyday With Your Kids Using A E-readers!

by CHWatch on October 28, 2011

For students of all ages, reading is an important part of learning. Books can give students the opportunity to experience new places, explore new cultures and meet new people. And as technology advances, e-readers are becoming popular among children and adults alike.

Amazon’s Kindle got a makeover recently, and the new family of devices offers students a chance to read books in new and exciting ways.
The new Kindles were introduced in September, and the latest version of the Kindle is smaller and lighter than the last version, which is now known as the Kindle Keyboard.

The Kindle Touch, Amazon’s first touch-screen e-reader, and the full color Kindle Fire will be available on November 15th. But the Kindle Keyboard is still the most popular e-reader on the market. And since the price has been dropped to less than one hundred dollars, it’s a great choice for students to use both at home and at school.

A cool school accessory

E-readers and tablets have made their way into classrooms all over the country because they allow students to access several books at once on one small device. The Kindle’s features are especially helpful for students: in addition to a dictionary that allows students to look up words they don’t understand, the Kindle Keyboard has an experimental web browser and access to Wikipedia. Students can also make notes using the keyboard and share those notes with friends—this feature can be especially useful for collaborative learning and for students enrolled in online education programs.

Higher learning, higher reading

For college students, the Kindle Keyboard can be a convenient way to buy or rent textbooks and keep them all on one easy-to-carry device. Amazon’s textbook rental program can save students time and money, and libraries all over the country now allow e-book checkout. Books rented or purchased from Amazon are also available in the Kindle Cloud, which allows students to make notes during class or while studying. Students can access the books and their notes from any computer or mobile phone to study and learn on the go.

The future of reading

Books aren’t the only thing that students can read on the Kindle: magazines and blogs are also available. And the audio features are great for auditory learners: most books work with the Kindle’s “read to me” feature, which reads the books out loud. It’s a helpful feature for students who want to read while they drive, work out or do other activities. Audiobook fans can download from and listen to their favorite books with the Kindle’s speakers or with headphones. Giving students several ways to read can increase their chances of picking up the habit—which is always a good thing.

E-readers have been popular for the past few years, but with the Kindle, reading can be fun. And for students, making learning fun is one of the best ways to get them engaged in learning.

Author Lindsey Paho is an advocate for online degrees and writes on behalf of Colorado Technical University. She lives in the Midwest with her kids, including one miniature poodle.

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