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Casual Friday… Every Day Is A Casual Friday Type Of Day, For Stay At Home Dads :)

by CHWatch on May 6, 2011

I hoped you LAFFed… after your read that statement, because any DAD that stays home thinking that his better half has had it so much easier than us (Guys) regular WORKing Stiffs doo!!!

I learned after 2 days of being a stay at home dad, that it had some great benefits…but it also, was a FULL time JOB ;)

So, take a breather the week is done, and every Friday should be causal, when it comes to spending time with your family… and we will be sharing some of the highs and lows of the week, with you here!

Butt, as you can see, maybe NOT too casual… as Dave and Bill :P


Casual Friday 05/06/2011/   This week has been a blur… so, here are some of the highlights:

Monday: EIE taking a BITE out of CYBERcrime, Support EIE!!
Tuesday: CHWR Tuesday’s Show with Julie Elledge, Sexting: Tips
Wednesday: CHWR Wednesday’s Show Wayne Huang, Armorize
Thursday: CHWR Thursday’s Show with Marc Maiffret from eEye
Friday: Working on a brand new campaign for Mobile Security and Personal Data Protection… for all our CHW family!

Make sure you join us this week for many more surprises and we also have great shows scheduled to finish out the month of May, so please add the CHWR feed rss subscription and/or download our live shows FREE from CHWR iTunes to your Smartphone to keep up with everything the CHW Partners – Dave and Bill are up too…

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