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Please Don’t Be Casual… When It Comes To Modern Day Slavery!

by CHWatch on June 24, 2011

Dear Bill,

Advocates like you have enabled Polaris Project to make an enormous impact in shaping policy and mobilizing legislators.

Our Policy team has had a busy few months. The Governor of Vermont recently signed one of the most comprehensive laws in the nation, and Hawaii has passed a labor trafficking bill making it the 47th state to enact a human trafficking law!

But the real success is not just the change in law, but the real and profound change in the lives of victims. This change is why we work tirelessly to advocate for improved human trafficking legislation.

We recently shared the story about a survivor named Jane – and how your support has allowed us to advocate for legislation that may help people in her situation in the future. When a sex trafficking victim like Jane applies for a job, she will no longer have prior convictions for prostitution that she was forced into thanks to changes in law in Maryland, Nevada, and Illinois; and Pennsylvania and California are considering passing similar bills.

Other states have passed “safe harbor” laws, which protect minor victims of sex trafficking by diverting them to services rather than incarcerating them.  Another innovative idea we have advocated for is asset forfeiture laws which mandate that people convicted of human trafficking give up the profits they made from their crime. And these are just a few of many laws that we have worked on this session.

We are laying the groundwork for human trafficking survivors, brick by brick, through our policy work. Although Jane has moved on from her trafficking situation, there are many others who still seek justice. We need to make sure that every victim in every state is protected. With your support, we can create hope for these victims.


Mary C. Ellison
Director of Policy


Polaris Project | P.O. Box 53315 Washington, DC 20009

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