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Friday again, how about being Casual…

by CHWatch on May 20, 2011

With your children’s online security ?! and… their Privacy!


The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) gives parents control over what information websites can collect from their kids. If you run a website designed for kids or have a website geared to a general audience but collect information from someone you know is under 13, you must comply with COPPA’s two main requirements. For answers to particular questions, call the COPPA Compliance Hotline at 202-326-3140.

How to Comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule

or… you can read the PDF below:

The law was intended to give parents control over the information collected from their children online and how that information is used and shared. Mamie Kresses, a senior attorney at the Federal Trade Commission, which enforces the law, says it grew from concerns in the 1990s about websites that used cartoon characters, prizes, and other techniques to encourage children to submit personal or family information without their parents’ knowledge.

SAFE-Net, a Cyber Safety Awareness program of the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, focuses on raising the awareness of students, parents, and educators about cyber threats, measures of protection, and cyber ethics. The site includes workshop materials, and classroom and parental materials for schools to use.

Also, check out: The CyberHood Watch Sista Sites:

Think IT Won’t Happen To You?

    While lawmakers noted extraordinary technical innovation by Apple Inc, Google Inc, Facebook and others in Silicon Valley, they also showed irritation at data collection and sale without consent. Much of the ire was aimed at smartphone applications and the collection of teenagers’ data.

    “A teenager accessing an application may not realize that her address book is being accessed and shared with a third party. That is not meant to happen in this country without the permission of an adult,” said Senator John Rockefeller, chairman of the Commerce Committee.

    Twenty percent of children aged 11 or younger had a cell phone in 2009 while 66 percent had one by age 14, and just under 75 percent of high schoolers have one, according to a Pew Internet & American Life Project report.

    The revelation last month that Apple’s iPhones collected location data and stored it for up to a year — even when location software was supposedly turned off — has prompted renewed scrutiny of the nexus between location and privacy.

    Google, which has had privacy battles of its own with controversy over Buzz and Street View among others, has been dragged in because it provides the guts of the Android phones.

    But Google’s Alan Davidson warned lawmakers against focusing on headline issues and said they should instead hone in on establishing principles. “Otherwise, this committee and others will be returning term after term to address the latest new technology fad,” he warned. [...]

The CHW Partners say; Don’t be Casual “Please Protect Your Children’s Privacy @ any COST!!! because… in the long-run it will cost your kids more, if you don’t start protecting them NOW!”

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