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What is your digital legacy?

I recall writing a post directed towards kids about being mindful of what they say and/or post online…It’s permanent. I used the example of a little girl sitting on her grandma’s lap , looking up with bewildering eyes saying, “Did you really do that Grandma?” What legacy are you leaving for your family? I posted and thought…What a great legacy! I am proud to leave behind our legacy for generations to read. Now I can picture the little girl, beaming with a smile and saying, “That was my Grandpa!”

There is a great deal more on this page than meets the eye… The CyberHood Watch® is your gateway to a host of integrated community portals that embraces the spirit of living a digital life in a safe & protected environment.

Beyond this page exists years of research, development, and interviews with industry leaders worldwide. The resources contained throughout this network will empower children, families, & businesses to identify and implement real life solutions to protect your digital life in a global community.

The CyberHood Watch® partners, Dave & Bill, invite you to share in our continued success, and welcome you to make a difference in the potential outcome of the digital age that will effect positive changes. Together as a community, we can influence future generations by empowering our children, parents, grandparents, educators, political leaders, and industrial leaders to make better-informed decisions through communication & awareness.

Does the future of the Internet depend on our children, or does the future of our children depend on the Internet?

The CyberHood Watch® doors are always open for you, step on in and share whatever is on your mind; we value your insight and your personal stories. We have built a solid digital foundation and set the cornerstones, and together we will continue to build a thriving community that sets the standard of best practices. Now we invite you to accompany Dave & Bill and continuing building an ongoing active community.

The CyberHood Watch® is an online digital community of responsible cybercitizens. The digital gap between Children, Home, Work, and narrowing that gap is doable. Empowering the community, maintaining a safe online life-style, & enjoying the Internet safely are a primary focus for Dave & Bill.

CHWR is the voice of The CyberHood Watch® Partners, Dave & Bill, two tireless advocates for enjoying the Internet safely.

Thanks everyone for your continued support,

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Trusted Community

Trusted Community

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