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Human Software Engineering, with Tom Stone… It’s Not What You Think!

by bwardell on December 7, 2010

Tom Stone understands PTSD. The victim of a home invasion in 1993 during which he was shot in the chest with a 44 caliber handgun, Tom worked through the resulting PTSD by using the techniques that his company, Great Life Technology, offers.

GLT has been working with veterans who suffer from PTSD and helping them for FREE. The University of Austin Texas is currently conducting experiments to validate the amazing results GLT found with the veterans who suffered from PTSD.

What an amazing interview with Tom today:

Tom Stone is an expert in the application of biophysics and changing patterns of energy in the human body. He has studied applied biophysics extensively in Europe with leading experts in the field. Tom has integrated bio-energetic testing, wave interference, and sophisticated electronic technology to be able to pinpoint and resolve the “bugs” in our inner human software. These Human Software Engineering™ techniques can be used to debug and upgrade any aspect of human life.

Currently, GLT is focused on using their techniques to help veterans who are suffering with PTSD, and once helped on training veterans to help other veterans.

For more information on this program and video of the training, please check out Vaporize Your PSTD Training!

PTSD impacts our warriors, but it also impacts their wives, children, parents, siblings, extended family and friends. A huge percentage of homeless people are veterans whose PTSD has morphed to psychosis and/or substance abuse. And for the veterans seeking help, the projected road is a long one, fraught with therapy and mood-altering drugs. Not so with the GLT treatment. Veterans who go through the GLT program are experiencing immediate relief, and many are willing to talk about it on air.

Also check out both of Tom’s books here:

Image of Vaporize Your Anxiety: Without Drugs or Therapy
Image of Pure Awareness

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