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Breaking the Rx Habit – Natural Alternatives for Synthetic Drugs

by bwardell on February 3, 2011

New Book Coming Soon by, Alex Nikmanesh, Pharm.D.,

Alex Nikmanesh, Pharm.D., Licensed Pharmacist joined Dave and Bill today to talk about: Are your Resolutions based on Common Sense or Common Drugs?

The flood of TV and internet ads, filled with smiles and music obscure the warning that the miracle drug that may make your life better – may also end it.

Should pharmaceuticals a first choice, or a last resort, in getting and staying healthy?


Can you be healthy without side effects?

What can we do to enhance our own health without over-medicating?

Please listen to this fabulous interview below, about how to make some positive health changes in your life today:

Breaking the Rx Habit- Natural Alternatives for Synthetic Drugs (March, 2011) by, Alex Nikmanesh, Pharm.D.,

As soon as Alex’s new book comes out, we will make sure to post all the info here on the CHW Blog…

Thanks to Alex for her time today and especially her knowledge and wisdom that can and will help everyone, if you will please just take a few minutes and listen to the interview you’ll see what I mean!


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