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Alix Strauss Author of “Based Upon Availability” & “Have I Got A Guy for You” Joins Dave & Bill On CHWR

by dballard on September 23, 2010

Alix Strauss On CHWR With Dave & Bill

How exciting! For the next hour or so, I will assume the role of a “trend journalist”. Okay, that may be a stretch, but Bill and I had the pleasure of interviewing Alix Strauss, an accomplished Trend Journalist haled from New York. However, that said, I accept the role and title of “Radio Security Journalist” bestowed on me by a previous guest.

Bill and I have never had an interview that we did not gain some new perspective that would empower us to help others. The insight and perspective one needs to write, as Alix, almost seems too elusive for a radio security journalist like me. I still grin being dubbed with that title.

Alix was adamant that within each of us is an interesting life story waiting to be told; unfortunately, the perception seems so daunting it stifles the new writer. Last night on a conference call, I heard the comment, “doubt is the ego getting in the way”, so do not confuse a daunting perception as writer’s block. Granted, a perceived overwhelming task might create doubt; nonetheless, Bill and I are grateful it did not deter Alix.

The CyberHood Watch Partners, Dave & Bill, Interview Alix Strauss On CHWR

I was thinking of Alix’s book(s), “Death Becomes Them” when I mentioned earlier about her insight and perspective. I believe the common question we ask ourselves when hearing about suicide is, “Why”?  Fortunately, self-preservation reigns supreme, which creates an uncomfortable imbalance and empathetic feelings when faced with suicide. However, in “Death Becomes Them“, Alix presents a panoramic approach and uniquely details the personal human story behind several of society’s great icons who took his or her own life. Personally, I enjoy the opportunity when seeing and understanding another person’s perspective on life becomes your own.

About fifteen years ago, does anyone remember a 3-D visual program that printed 3-D pictures? Starring at the picture a little cross-eyed, eventually you would see a very detailed 3-D image. Suddenly, you see or understand something that you were not aware existed. Suicide has many allusive reasons; however, Alix helps you to see suicide from different insights. Many of us feel the loss because we are connected as “familiar strangers”.

Joan Rivers, if you are reading this, and happen to listen to the interview Bill and I had with Alix Strauss, “It was not me, who made that reference!”  I mentioned about a grin earlier. You should see my smile now imagining what Joan Rivers’s rhetoric might sound like.

Listen to internet radio with Dave and Bill on Blog Talk Radio

Alix said she had just recently interviewed Joan Rivers, Edie Falco, and Elisabeth Moss. Well, Joan, Edie, and Elisabeth – Dave & Bill interviewed Alix Strauss…Does that count as being connected by transferable association? Hey, it works for Facebook.

You think the latter paragraph is a stretch of the imagination, what were the mothers thinking, and in many cases not thinking, when setting up their daughters on blind dates. “Have I Got A Guy for You“, written by Alex Strauss, is an accumulation of personal stories about daughters’ blind dates arranged by their mothers’.

What were you thinking? He is married. Imagine what went through Alix’s mind, hearing her blind date reference his wife’s observation about his personality during dinner.

Listening to Alix, you get the feeling that her characters are live and living somewhere nearby in New York. I guess that is what makes New York such an interesting place, the diversity of its characters.

david c ballard

Radio Security Journalist

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