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One of the primary issues The CyberHood Watch partners, Dave & Bill, consistently bounce off each other is how to acquire the best relative and useful information for Children, Home, & Work. One of the great by-products of CHWradio are our guests resources, many of whom have taken their personal time and provided thoughtful answers to questions prepared by Dave & Bill. Besides providing valuable information for Keeping Our Children Safe, there are two (2) more reasons we really like this:

a. our guests have so much information and sometimes it is hard to remember everything that was shared on the show… here you get a copy!
b. and, this becomes a living document that can be shared with others that may not have listened to the show or just want the pdf to read…

We hope you enjoy this part of the CyberHood Watch; we go to great lengths to re-compile the information in a pdf… Therefore, it looks good and it is easy to read. Below are some our guests personal Q & A for your review, just click to download or print. :) Included are some special pdf files that our guests have agreed to share with us to share with you, the CyberHood Watch partners!

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Thanks to everyone for their support :)

Your CyberHood Watch Partners

Dave and Bill


These are the most Frequently Asked Questions and we would like to share them with you.

Click below for topics:

C is for children…Empower them CHW FAQ’s

H is for home…Families Enjoying The internet Safely CHW FAQ’s

W is for work…The Moms and Dads Operating Their Business CHW FAQ’s

The CyberHood Watch partners, Dave & Bill, are consistently researching for resources, websites, blogs, government agencies, and leaders in the Internet Security field to help provide CHW members and CHWradio listeners’ solid information…



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