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Like a GOOD Neighbor, The Cyber ‘HOOD’ Watch Is There!!

by bwardell on November 2, 2010

It’s Tuesday again and we are where we are supposed to BE… In fact every Tuesday @ 11am MST, you will find the CyberHood Watch Parents on AIR!!

Living the DREAM

We get to be stay at home Dads, and build a friendship and partnership that will last a life time, in fact we are going to leave a real online legacy for our children and their children, and so it goes 50 years from now when you think of The CyberHood Watch you will think of their 2 founding partners Dave Ballard and Bill Wardell and we’ll be in good company check out what you find when you Google Dave and Bill :)

And, a big part of living the dream is getting to interview our CHWR guests every week, and today was no exception our guest Charla Spence shared her time, advise and 27 years of experiences, and a lifetime of knowledge about the healthcare industry… especially the Do’s and Don’t to keep your PHR safe, and up-to-date!

Keeping Your Personal Healthcare Records Safe with Charla Spence, listen to this special interview below:

Dave and Bill welcomed Charla to the CyberHood Watch today and she answered multiple questions about healthcare and your personal privacy and keeping it safe! When listening to the show get your notebook out and take some notes there many golden nuggets of wisdom, throughout!

Charla Spence spent 27 years as a senior level manager At SCE, helping the company and its employees avoid and overcome mistakes. Combining her corporate background and family experience, Charla recognized the dangers of, and damage caused, by disorderly medical records.

Drawing from real-life drama, she devised The Personal Healthcare Record to address real life needs. Even with so many medical offices and facilities turning to electronic records, Charla suggests keeping your own PHR. …. because mistakes get made, and you are your best advocate for your health care.


Keeping a Personal Healthcare Record/ Helping your doctor help you.

Talking Points:

· Why a PHR is important, even with electronic records.

· Common mistakes made in medical records & how to avoid or correct them

· Positives and negatives of electronic records

· How having an updated medical history can cost or save you money

· Five pieces of information to bring with you to every medical appointment

· How to control and manage your own healthcare history

· 4 Tips for helping your doctor to help you

· 4 More Tips & to get your own Personal Healthcare Record packet.

Learn IT, DO IT, Teach IT, Share IT, BE IT

Your CyberHood Watch Partner

Bill Wardell

Radio Security Journalist


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