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Free Browser Add-ons That Can Block Pornography

by CHWatch on March 5, 2011

The Internet is the biggest source of ready information. You can find info on virtually anything with just a few strokes on your keyboard.  However, children are also vulnerable to some of the bad things that are on the Internet.

Aside from violence, racism and hatred, sex-oriented information such as, and most importantly, pornography can be seen by children with very little trouble. As parents and guardians, we are responsible for providing our children with a pleasant online environment and keep them from websites that are not suitable for children.

Browser add-ons are plugins or extensions that can add more functionality to web browsers such as, in this case, blocking certain sites. Here are some of the best and free add-ons for our favorite Internet browsers.

Firefox users:

  • Foxfilter – helps users block content or an entire website using custom keyword filters. It also includes password-protected settings and other security features so it will not be bypassed or disabled easily.

Safari users:

  • CutX – enables users to block any website by adding it to the “block list”. Users can also allow specific sites that might be affected by certain block rules.

Google Chrome users:

  • Chrome Nanny – enables users to block URLs using regular expressions and keywords. It can also track the blocked sites and can be modified to limit visits to certain sites.

Opera users:

  • KH Blocker 4.0 – helps users in blocking web advertisements, pop ups, viruses and spywares, Trojans, malwares and malicious contents that are often found in pornographic sites. Over nine thousand websites that contains malicious and violent content are blocked with this add-on.

Internet Explorer users:

  • Website Block – blocks any sites with unwanted content.  It can also remove popup, banners and ads and will just direct users to a blank page.

These simple extensions for your browsers may not be enough for more invasive sites and applications but most of the time, simple things are the ones that we really need. In this case, we can be assured that our children are surfing the web with very little or no chance of stumbling upon unwanted sites.

About the author:

G.S. Lacdao is a freelancer who writes for Special Education Parents Action Community where you can find information about education for children with special needs, and share stories with other members via the online forum. 


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