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Deborah Gilboa MD – Teaching Respect to Children, Respect for Others As Well As Themselves…

by CHWatch on June 28, 2011

Dave and Bill were joined today for an interview with Deborah Gilboa MD Teaching Respect to Children, Respect for Others As Well As Themselves. With an emphasis on why it is important for children to respect themselves
as a way to keep safe.

She is a board certified family physician (and mother of four). Deborah sees primarily kids and teens in her practice, as well as speaking locally to students and parents about technology in the middle and high school years, specifically regarding texting and internet issues.

Topics that were discussed today:

1. What is sexting? (any pic or text or email that is meant to get the other person thinking about sexual intimacy or hooking up)
2. Why is it bad? (risk that tween/teen will be pressured into more intimacy than they are ready for, risk of forwarding, posting it to others, social damage, future (college admin looking at Facebook etc))
3. Why is it good? – why do tween/teens do it? A way of experimenting with a very interesting topic that they believe is much safer than actual intimacy – they may be right!
4. What can parents do?
a. privacy is not a right, it’s a privilege. Look at their phone/email/IM etc
b. ASK about it – and listen to the answers you get
c. Keep it an open, ongoing conversation. Listen more than you talk.
d. find ways to talk about this that don’t involve your tween/teen directly – watch TV with them or listen to music with them, you will get plenty of opportunities to talk about sexting.
e. be slow to judge, and firm with your own convictions. Teens don’t have to agree with you to hear you.

Be sure to check out her parents blog called: Never A Dull Moment ;)

Deborah says; The Peace Corps has the slogan “The toughest job you’ll ever love.” As others have noted, this is an even better motto for parenting. Consider this amendment: “This much love can be tough!”

    What is your goal?
    Want to raise kids who are happy?

Dr. Gilboa recommends a different goal. Raise children who are capable of being good, successful, and happy, and know it.

Giving the skills and the life lessons to make most things possible – THIS is why kids need parents! Parents need to understand where they want to go and then find the best path for their family on the journey.

We want to thank Deborah for being on our show today please listen to the interview above, and Dave and I wish here well in fighting the good fight…

And continued success with her family practice, so to keep up on all the new things she is working on, you can follow her @Twitter or be a fan on the Facebook page and especially read her blog!

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