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CyberHood Watch ABC’s to WXY Generation Z Are Coming…

by CHWatch on August 25, 2011

I was reading one of my New Favorite Blogs last week called:

Parent eSource

Generation Z, born after 2001, are coming up. I do not doubt that they will bring a whole new set of challenges. Born into a downturn in the economy, they will have very different views on life.

Generation Z are believed by most to bring equality and fairness back. Artistic leaders, they will be advocates of fairness and the politics of inclusion, irrepressible in the wake of failure. And I certainly can see these characteristics in my little Gen Z, who has such an innate knowledge of what is fair, it is incredible.

My thoughts on Generation Z by, Sarah Newton

There has been much written about Generation Y and where is starts and stops. For me it is about similar characteristics and what I see, in the UK at least, is that a 12-year-old has similar characteristics and thoughts as a 23-year-old. For me, Gen-Y ends in about 2001. I see a remarkable difference, in the children born after 2001 to the generation before them, in how they approach everything. And I do think we are seeing the first noted change in a way of thinking amongst our young people. Read more

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Take it from Dave and Bill part of R Generation, no not the R rated, our generation is called the: Relic Gerneration :P

So, we and you need keep up and stay tuned in to what is happening with all of our youth, no matter what the their Generation is…

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