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Utah Utes Victory Over Pittsburg – Thanks For Putting The CyberHood Watch Partners, Dave & Bill On The Edge Of Their Seats…

by dballard on September 2, 2010


What Was With The Three Field Goal Attempts?

The Utah and Pitts game Thursday is one that will be talked about for a long time. Okay, I confess, what took place with all the field goal attempts. Even the commentators, hosting the after show passed on trying to give that an explanation. Finally, the third field goal attempt put the game into overtime.

The number of mistakes were bountiful for both teams, Utah may have taken the lead there, but when it came to the glorious interception pass by Utah freshman Brian Blechen, which set up Joe Phillips for the “single” 21-yard field goal that gave the Utes a 27-24 victory against Pittsburgh, ranked No. 15, on Thursday night.

If it is difficult to understand what was behind the three field goal attempts, and American football has been around long enough to understand, so imagine the confusion surrounding living a safe & secure life in the digital age. The CyberHood Watch will explain and provide the solutions for living your digital life safely & securely, and the umpires can explain the calls…Both require authorities.


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