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Social networking: Is it good for children?

by CHWatch on March 6, 2011

In these modern days, there are a variety of avenues for keeping in touch with family and friends. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Multiply and the likes are popular sites wherein one can keep in touch with family and friends and also a site to gain more friends.

What are the effects of these social networking sites to the children? Adults use these sites to keep in touch and even for business. With just a click the mouse, people can keep track of their otherwise long lost acquaintances.

Children too use these sites to keep in touch with friends and meet new ones. The problem with children using these sites is that a total stranger who could do harm could potentially gain the trust of a child and thus take advantage over him. We are all familiar with the old adage “Don’t talk to strangers”.

In social networking sites, this adage is seldom followed. A child could innocently interact with a stranger through the use of his computer thus exposing himself to potential risk. This danger is not new; even the law enforcers in other countries acknowledge it as a threat prompting them to create special units just to track down sexual predators on line.

There are many cases where a child fell prey to these predators just because they entertained those seemingly innocent personal messages of the sexual predator.

If there are dangers in using these social networking sites, benefits can also be derived in using these sites, especially for children. For one children at a young age become exposed in using the computer, promoting computer literacy. Children also are being introduced to new cultures since many people from different cultures interact, using these sites.

The world practically became smaller due to the internet and these social networking sites. Children may learn new languages and other things that they would not learn readily form their classrooms. Interaction with among peers became easier.

True to all new things, social networking sites can do more good than harm to children if the child is properly monitored and guided by adults. This is the only way to ensure that child reaps the benefits of this medium of communication.

About the author:

G.S. Lacdao is a freelancer who writes for Special Education Parents Action Community where you can find information about education for children with special needs, and share stories with other members via the online forum.

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