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Parents and Teenagers and Blogging… Techonoglogy who does what?

by bwardell on March 1, 2010

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Who would have thought that the generational divide would do a complete role reversal??

Teenagers and young adults spent less time blogging during the past three years as social networks like Facebook became more popular, according to a Pew Research Center study released Wednesday.

Still, one social network, Twitter, has failed to catch on with the vast majority of younger teenagers, according to the Pew study of social media and mobile Internet use among teens and young adults.

The study conducted by the Washington, D.C., nonprofit think tank was designed to gauge the online habits of America’s “millennial generation,” a demographic group that is considered a bellwether of the nation’s future technology trends.

The results indicate blogging has become so 2006, when 28 percent of the two groups studied, teens 12 to 17 and young adults 18 to 29, actively blogged.

By the fall of 2009, that percentage dropped off to only 14 percent of teens and 15 percent of young adults as blogging “lost its luster for many young users,” said Amanda Lenhart, one of the report’s authors.

Lenhart said one reason for the shift might have come from the rapid ascent of Facebook over MySpace to the top of the social media charts in the past year. The MySpace format encourages members to blog, while Facebook instead features short status updates, she said.

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My partner was doing some research on sexting and found to his surprise that the fastest growing group that is sexting on a regular basis is the over 50 crowd … that is seniors citizens, oh my!?

This only just proves even more that the technology that is available today connects EVERYONE not just teens and young adults… using common sense in every communication is good advice and more importantly could save great heartaches and pain if your ID is compromised at any age…

Protect yourself while online, or any time you are using today’s technology! and, avoid Identity Theft with the right tools…

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Bill Wardell

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mark w November 19, 2010 at 10:23 am

Thanks for the info. Its important to make this a bit clearer so it can be actioned easier (if you know what i mean). Also theres a typo in there, you might want to spell check it ;)

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