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Good Friday… is it, when it comes to your Privacy?

by bwardell on April 2, 2010

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This is a great question….

Here are 2 excerpts from an article I read today… this is one of the things I HATE the most about government, politicians and creating legislation, bills and laws!!

WHY? do they wrap up multiple ideas, policy, bills, legislation, laws and agendas into ONE bill to be Voted on??

This drives me crazy, they clam it’s in the interest of TIME, that’s just a bunch of Bull !@#$

If they would just vote “Ya or Na” instead trying to make it so complicated… they would get more laws & bills passed and save the taxpayers and the people who voted them into to do the (JOB) office a lot of time, money…. and all the Frustration!

oh well in my DREAMS!!

Our CHW Motto is:

“We Are Tireless Advocates For The Safety Of Children, Families, & Businesses In The Digital Age…” Through Communication and Awareness!

It’s now time for the 2010 Census. The Constitution provides for an accounting of inhabitants of the united States for federal representation and funding. The Census, however, is asking not only how many people live in your household, which, consequently is all they need to know, but also how many live there on a regular basis, if someone living there also resides elsewhere, even temporarily, whether you own, rent, etc, your telephone number, each person’s first and last name, age and date of birth, and of what race they are. The information is supposed to be confidential, but it will become public after 72 years. Why do they need all that information?

Regardless of recent legislative history, you may be asking yourself, “What has a health care bill got to do with my privacy?” Does anyone really know what’s in it? Concerns from HR 3200 have been brought up by a YouTube video that has been circulating lately. For instance, are the concerns mentioned even in the final health care bill? There were several versions of the legislation (which brings to mind, did all of our representatives read EVERY version of the healthcare legislation proposed?). HR 3200 had more than 1700 pages. Full story

Our Wish is, that the Federal Government, Politicians and Bureaucrats that are in office would adopt this Motto:

“We Are Tireless Advocates For The Rights Of Children, Families, & Businesses In These The United States And Around The World…” Through Communication and Awareness!

Your CyberHood Watch Partner

Bill Wardell

Good Friday… is it, when it comes to your Privacy?

If NOT, then check out some CHW solutions to protect you & your families privacy…

WOW!!! More videos for your viewing:

HR 3200
and/or Google Search HR 3200

Warring!! You May Not Like What You See, but lQQk anyway and be AWARE!! and then please share this with others through COMMUNICATION…

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