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CHW Partners Dream For 2010 – Only IF?

by bwardell on January 29, 2010

When we ask our guests on a weekly basis, What IF? Only IF?

This is one of Dave and Bill’s CHW Magic Wand wishes and personal dreams! We’re both are working with older PC’s and outdated equipment, and we truly know how much more we could get done in a day, with improvements to our systems… and this means everyone wins, 95% of what the CHW Partners provide to our visitors is free or low-cost :)

So, we hope you’ll indulge us, just for a few minutes

…While we Dream about the possibilities of 2010 and the future of the new CyberHood we all find ourselves in, and the security issues we’ll be facing in the next few years, join us in helping you protect your families!

Only IF?

What a cool announcement this week by Apple… It’s fun to dream about what future technologies have in store for all of us, remember always to be safe online… a great place to start is get your copy of our book called: Think It Won’t Happen To You?

Discover The 17 Steps To Better Internet Parenting


Your CyberHood Watch Partner

Bill Wardell

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