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Empowering Children In The Art Of Civility Is A Powerful Defense Against Cybercrime.

by dballard on December 18, 2009

The CyberHood Watch partners, Dave and Bill, shared an experience with our community on Saturday, which was long overdue.

Certified 6th Degree Black Belt

Certified 6th Degree Black Belt

Brett Lechtenberg is a sixth (6th) degree black belt who instructs Tae Kwon Do at his Dojang in Sandy, Utah. Last Saturday, Brett invited Bill and me to address his leadership group about Internet safety.

We had anticipated the group, and as authorities for the safety of children, families, and businesses on the Internet, we were excited to share the wisdom we have gained over the years.

The time came and Bill and I were introduced to the leadership group. I should mention here that the majority of this group would literally be tomorrow’s leaders. Two-thirds were between the ages of six and thirteen.

What fun we had…these were the leaders of the Dojang. Bill and I sat down as everyone gathered around and sat on the mats, adult students as well. This was very different from presenting onstage in San Diego to a group of professional Internet marketers, who paid thousands to be there.

However, this group was the core of whom the CyberHood Watch partners represent and who we believe to become the solution in defending the integrity of the Internet. A key element to maintaining a safe and healthy Internet is empowering our children with the knowledge to recognize the tactics used to victimize them, and those they care about.

Bill and I engaged the kids and had them make suggestions of how they could be safe on the Internet. We were thoroughly pleased and surprised with their familiarity. They understood they should never give out their names, school names, phone numbers, addresses, etc. However, hearing them you might feel comfortable as believing they would be relatively safe on the Internet.   Unfortunately, they may be able to parrot the rules, but be assured they do not comprehend when they are being manipulated.

Want To Feel Safe - These Are The Ones

Want To Feel Safe - These Are The Ones

As we were talking, we discussed passwords. Everyone understood you never give out your password, and what might happen if you did. One little guy I was addressing had just given his answer explaining why you never give out passwords, and in the same breath exclaimed, quite proudly, that he had two passwords. Remember, he had just told me the importance of not telling anyone your password.

“Wow”, I said. “You have two passwords that is cool. So, what are your passwords?” Without hesitation, my little friend was prepared to tell me, before I cut him off and reassured him never to give out his password. “Don’t let anyone trick you into giving out your password”, I reminded him.

I would like to make a personal observation. It has been awhile since I have had the pleasure to gather with a large group of kids. My youngest being twenty-three, I have not been through the doors of too many elementary or junior high schools recently. However, what I observed, which I found uniquely comforting was the genuine respect shown towards one another. There was a real sense these kids were taught character-building skills. Therefore, assure any parents who have enrolled their child into Brett’s Dojang, your child is learning some great personal development skills in addition to Tae Kwon Do.

Certified 6th Degree Black Belt

Certified 6th Degree Black Belt

To everyone in the leadership program, Bill and I would like to thank you for the warm welcome.

Afterwards, Bill and I met with Brett, who interviewed us for his personal mastery series. You can meet Brett here. Watch as he interviews both Bill and I for his TV series.

One additional thought before posting…Here is another side of Brett Lechtenberg you should know about: Break-A-Thon.

david c ballard

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