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Five Hundred Pages and Posts on The CyberHood Watch Blog!!!

by bwardell on November 11, 2011

In just 2 years we have converted and updated all our content and all of the CHW Network and information portals here at our new home! We have just passed a very big milestone 500 Pages and Posts entries, which means there is literally 10′s of thousands pages of content contained here on The CyberHood Watch Blog!!!


Very cool, Dave and I have worked basically every day over the past 4 years together since the summer of 2007 when we began our partnership and this exciting journey!!!

Most of you have seen that we do a weekly radio show Tuesday – Thursday’s every week for the past 3 3/4 years… but maybe what you might know is we’ve created a radio show library archived with 400 hours of interviews with the top security industry leaders from around the world… check out the CHWR Alumni page. or get those CHWR shows downloaded onto your iPod here: CHW on iTunes

Here is my TOP 12 Favorite posts and/or pages, out of the Five Hundred or so… on The CyberHood Watch Blog!!!

a.  Donna Rice Hughes Meet The CHW Partners Dave and Bill
b.  The CHW Mission…Setting Your Digital True North
c.  talk is cheap… real Communication is Priceless!
d.  Dave & Bill’s Portfolio
e.  Human Trafficking Resources
f.  Pandora Helps Find Daughter Who Had Run Away With a Boy…
g.  WARNING!!! Chat Roulette…Parents Take Heed! Peeping Tom’s!
h.  Get Character Or Become One – John Nelson, The Bookstore Bandit
iThere are Enemies Among US and They’re Trying To Steal Your Freedom
j.  Like a GOOD Neighbor, The Cyber ‘HOOD’ Watch Is There!!
k.  To Facebook Or Not To Facebook?
l.  The Daddy Behind The and DaddyTeller Book!

Featured…  Human Trafficking & Modern Day Slavery Americas Prostituted Children by Julian Sher Author Discusses His Book “Somebody’s Daughter”

Thanks everyone for your continued support, and please take a moment to comment below, and tell us which post is your favorite!!

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