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WARNING!!! Chat Roulette…Parents Take Heed! – Peeping Tom’s Meet Voyeurism On Steroids!

by dballard on March 10, 2010

The Odds Are In Your Favor You Will Be Exposed To Obscenities

Hold on to your mouse…NEXT – Next – next – next – next – next…


They may call it Chat Roulette, but it’s more like a “Peeping Tom meets Voyeurism” on steroids.

At any time, there could be as many as 30,000 people worldwide clicking the next tab to connect with the “next” person wanting to chat (shah-right) on Chat Roulette. Do you think their might be concern for under age kids exposed to inappropriate behaviors? Do you think law enforcement is concerned? Do you think we just took three steps back in the fight against online predators and pedophiles?

The site was developed by a 17 year old from Russia, and was launched in November of last year. Chat Roulette is now getting approximately 1.5 million visitors per day!

WARNING!!! This site is not for kids!

This Is Nothing To What I Could Have Shown You...

Last night, I decided to take a lOOk. I guess many others are looking as well – I had the cover on my cam – I’m a bit uncomfortable allowing eyeballs in my personal home space. However, I can tell you for certain there were many who were not shy to expose their “private space”.

There is no registering or anything to fill out – Just type in the website address…Total Anonymity!  Oh yeah, it says you should be 16 and nothing obscene – wink – wink.

There is no way children who catch wind of this are not going to be curious about the buzz, and then add a bit of peer pressure (it won’t take much) and more and more of that “Age of Innocence” that should be naturally lost, which Bill and I refer to as finding out there is no Santa Clause, then suddenly years of innocence are gouged from an unsuspected child. Now, more than ever parents should monitor their child’s online activities and prevent them from accessing sites of this nature.

I came across a pretty creative video that explains more about Chat Roulette. Anyone who is responsible for a child needs to be aware of this and take appropriate measures to assure they do not get on this site. Moreover, it is not just about the obscenities, it’s about making real live interactive contact with some serious groomers with the most deceptive warm and genuine smiles.

Chat Roulette:

chat roulette from Casey Neistat on Vimeo

david c ballard

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