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CHW Teen Staff Writer LilyAnn, Recognized By The Wall Street Journal

by CHWatch on February 13, 2012

Less than a month ago we were approached by the WSJ (Wall Street Journal), via YourSphere’s media dept. and were asked by one of their Senior Writer’s if LilyAnn would be interested in being interviewed about teen dating.


As a family we talked about the opportunity for LilyAnn and decided she could do it and so it happened. What an exciting time for her she did such a wonderful job. The WSJ staff writer was really impressed with her and her values. In the end that is not what the the editors wanted, they wanted a story of 11-14 kids dating and LilyAnn has made the choice to wait until she 16 before she starts dating.

Dear Anissa and LilyAnn,

I just want to thank you again for all your help with my story on tween dating.

I really enjoyed our conversations. LilyAnn is such an intelligent, thoughtful person, and I hope she continues to turn out good writing. Anissa, your thoughts on parenting were excellent. I very much appreciated the opportunity to speak with both of you.

My editors have cut back the space available for the story, and I’m sorry to report that the information you provided was taken out of the final draft. I had included some quotes from each of you, but they are focusing mainly on kids who are dating now.

I’m keeping my notes for possible follow-up stories, however. And again, I just want to say thanks, and pass on my warm best wishes to you both. I’m sure LilyAnn has a bright future!



Sue Shellenbarger

Senior Writer and “Work & Family” Columnist

The Wall Street Journal.

Here is the link to Sue’s article: Tween D8-ing: It’s All About Texts

As a result of this last interview, YourSphere has passed along another interview opportunity with Steve Edwards, a Chicago Public Radio personality and the host of Afternoon Shift with Steve Edwards. Steve Edwards is interested in having a discussion around the topic of communication between tweens/teens and their parents. In recognition of Valentine’s Day, Steve would also like to incorporate a discussion about tween/teen dating.

We will see if this one comes about, regardless, these are all good opportunities for a young writer like LilyAnn

And a great lesson learned by LilyAnn and her family to stick to their values no matter what, and that you can always be an example to others!!!

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[CHW Teen Staff Writer LilyAnn, Recognized By The Wall Street Journal!]

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