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Trust Your GUT…

by bwardell on April 30, 2010

You’re trying to raise your children, and realize their potential as healthy happy productive human beings. Even if you cannot remove the roadblocks to your vision, you can try to alleviate the obstacles in getting there.

Are you having problems with your children using the internet? Maybe they’re using it too much. Or they are looking at sites that you don’t approve of. You, as a parent, might be afraid of how much control the internet has over the family. There are ways to bring your family to a healthier level by taking a holistic approach to the situation.

You can’t just focus on the child’s process. Don’t be one of those parents who say that they themselves did nothing wrong and all the problems are with the child. This is the worst way to approach the problem, because the child will eventually (if not immediately) see that the parent viewing the situation as the child’s problem, which can bring disastrous results in family dynamics.

If the parent goes through the process of being honest with themselves, then they’re off to a healthy start in being able to transform themselves into healthy parents. Individuals who have transformed themselves into good parents and teachers will not need to rely on a catalog of child-rearing tricks in order to raise children.

On the other side, parents who do not (or refuse) to go through this self-transformation will not be capable of understanding how to raise children, even after reading large numbers of these catalogs.

So at the end of the day, take a good look in the mirror and say that if you want healthy and happy children, you have to transform yourself first!

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Bill Wardell

and yesssss I am trusting my gut MORE… and learning everyday how to be a better parent :)

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