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Tips To Discipline A Child With No Spanking

by CHWatch on October 30, 2009

If you are after a positive way to discipline a child then you will find this page very useful! As a parent I had a lot of issues with disciplining my 2 children and I struggled to find any useful tips. A positive way to discipline a child is not by spanking and screaming at your child, I don’t care that others may suggest that spanking is a positive way to discipline a child, it is not! No child needs to be spanked to achieve the best discipline results and gain the right respect from your child. If you are disciplining your child positively then your child will gain the right respect for you and will obey your rules a lot more willingly then if you spank your child.

Spanking your child will only make your child scared of you and positively have a violent effect on your child’s future behavior. Spanking is discouraged in today’s society and should not be used any longer by any parent. I have achieved excellent results by following a discipline system that does not require you to spank your child, no time outs or screaming at your children. There is a positive way to discipline your child without any onnecessary punishments.

The best way to discipline your child with great long term results is called G.O.L.D Positive Parenting Method Click the link for more information about this excellent guide now. I tried the G.O.L.D positive parenting and discipline guide myself and the results were very interesting. I had real problems with disciplinging my children and i don’t like screaming at my kids and making them sad, i am sure that no parent likes this neither. Someone recommended this G.O.L.D positive child discipline guide and I figured that it wouldn’t hurt to try a few new methods especially since they said that there is no need for spanking or screaming or time outs needed.

I was really intrigued by what I learned in my first day from following this parenting guide and decided to try this with my kids. Within the first week my kids started listening to me and my wife a whole lot more and we have stopped getting bad behaviour reports from school too! This is amazing and it is indeed a positive way to discipline a child. I highly recommend having a look at this G.O.L.D Positive Parenting And Discipline guide, it made a whole lot of difference to our children’s behaviour and made our lives a whole lot easier since now we don’t need to use time outs and scream at our children to discipline them.

We hope that you find our article helpful and a positive start to positive child disciplining!

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