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The Choking Game Goes “Primetime”

by bwardell on January 22, 2010

After watching the show on Wednesday night I thought I would write a post about the subject and cover some of the concerns the CHW Partners have had and have also found in talking with professionals that deal with this daily…

Such as Carlos Flores, who is a Registered Nurse with over 20 years experience, listen to the interview:

This is the search string I typed into Google to do my initial research for today’s post. I came up with the title in my mind and thought what other info could I find doing a quick search of: The Choking Game Goes “Primetime” crazy how this was the first result that was listed in Google’s Top 10…


Here is the video [clip] If you get a chance please watch this episode, and learn and listen to the kids in this story this happens everyday and it only takes one bad experience and your CHILD is dead! no Second Chances… just like a drug overdose, in the choking games is DEATH!

A few months ago we highlighted some more heart breaking videos in the OSA Investigates The Choking Game… Click cover below to see:

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OSA Investigates The Choking Game…


Another recent story: Choking game’ more popular with rural kids.

A new report suggests a large number of eighth-graders in Oregon have taken part in the “choking game,” the dangerous practice of choking each other to get a feeling of euphoria.


Criminal Minds episode “Risky Business” an excellent job on relaying many facts about the Choking Game in a prime time drama.

Criminal Minds

Don’t let your Child become a Statistic?!

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Bill Wardell

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